No fried food for my pneumonia stricken 98 year old grandfather. Detox and Nutrition is the plan.

I remembered one night that the people in the province should never give fried food to my 98 year old grandfather who has pneumonia.

Frying introduces bad oil, cooking oil to the body. One more junk to detoxify.

Frying also transforms the food into something harder to digest and detrimental to health.

The key to my grandfather’s health is detoxing and nutrition.

We’ve done colon cleanse, kidney cleanse and gave him a majority fruit diet for faster digestion. Also Cayenne tincture to clear his sinuses so he can breath through his nose.

Our next step is the liver flush which begins today. Bingboy, my cousin and healing assistant will facilitate for our grandfather. I gave them all the materials, apple juice, epsom salts, extra virgin olive oil and lemons. My 98 year old paternal grandfather is stronger than my 82 year old maternal grandmother and I successfully liver flushed her. We expect a lot of stuck up stones and bile to come out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gains a feeling of lightness.

To follow this up my grandfather needs superior, easy to digest nutrition for his liver: fresh papaya juice, fresh carrot juice, fresh fertilized egg yolks, as much as he wants.

That should recharge him. I’d like to see him stand up tall and proud like a 70 year old.

For those who are complaining about what we are doing might interfere with my grandfather’s hospital given drugs… listen to reason: Hospitals have the attitude that a 98 year old man with pneumonia is like having a fatal heart attack. He was discharged because he was given up for dead by those quacks. The idiotic thing are those drugs which will put a strain on his strained old liver. We need to help the body excrete those poisonous drugs, clean the body, and feed the body with easy to assimilate pure, fresh, raw, electrical plant and animal nutrition.  Bingboy and I are free to do our detoxes as long as we let them poison our grandfather with those drugs.  Do you understand?

The latest report this 10 am is that because of the cayenne tincture, grandfather is now breathing through his nose, his sinus is clear. He slept well last night. He was not given a colon cleanser last night as we are preparing him for a liver flush today.

Cross your fingers everyone, let’s hope this adds 10 more good years to grandfather.

The problem is Bingboy will be going home Sunday back to Manila, he’s getting married. Has a marriage seminar or interview with city hall.

The provincial people handling my grandfather are still behind in our techniques and health education.

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