Cell Phones, Brain Damage and Pop Corn

Cell phone dangers have been a hot item in the past few months in the real healing circles. Reports of brain tumors and brain damage abound. You don’t have to wait for some “study” because no cell phone company or telecoms company in its right mind will ever conduct a “study”. So if you have any common sense, you would listen to the testimonials and play things safe. Buy yourself a head set so at least your cell phone isn’t pointed directly into your ear and into your brain and eyes.

The latest entertaining FACT about cell phone dangers going around is using your cell phone to pop POP CORN! Entertaining and deadly. Get 4 cell phones and point them all at the pop corn kernels. Call up all the phones so they ring all at the same time. See those pop corns pop! Experiment! Do it yourself! This is repeatable and entertaining.

So have your laugh, learn and remember that your cell phones are dangerous to your health.


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