My pneumonia CURED grandfather celebrates his 99th birthday

Last March 2008 I documented how we saved our 98 year old grandfather from a death sentence given by his local hospital.  See for that documentation.  As a result of that success and also previously with our 88 year old grandmother, I have written a pneumonia cure manual at

So for those of you who are being diagnosed with pneumonia, pay attention, read and understand what I have posted in the Pneumonia Cure Manual, the life you save may be that of your loved one.  Whatever theories about bad pneumonia bacteria, infection, antibiotics and expectorants are all hogwash because that paradigm is death inducing and death sentencing.  If we had left our 88 year old grandma and our 98 year old grandpa to those murderous quacks, they would have been dead by now.

Yes I am telling you THEY are absolutely WRONG, and we are CORRECT.  Who are WE?  Me, my teachers around the world, the loved ones we CURE, we who deliver THE CURE and share the PNEUMONIA CURE for all to benefit.  We have the CORRECT SCIENCE, we have the science that works, it’s simple, safe, and effective.

My grandfather is reportedly still fat and strong.  He only needs his cane to walk around.  I talked to him and he could hear me perfectly and he could speak perfectly.  My grandfather likes to spend his time thinking so his brain keeps getting the exercise he needs.

My cousin and I called our grandfather this morning to greet him.  They just had their phone reconnected.  We had the same telephone company so there was no long distance charge.  I told my cousin he is now the favorite grandchild because it was he who administered the pneumonia cure, I was just coaching in the background.  My aunt flied off to the province to greet grandpa.

I should plan for a trip to celebrate my grandpa’s 100th birthday next year, probably bring my kids along too.

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