Lupus Treatment Success Rate 100% via Paleo Diet in France

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Success is attributed to a 50% remission in symptoms. There was a doctor in France who decided to make his own study because there is no funding mechanism for FREE CURES. Such is the cure for lupus. Auto immune diseases are caused by unnatural substances in your diet. Natural is the original diet of humans: raw paleo diet. Meat, Fat, Fruit, some vegetables but NO NIGHTSHADES.

Lupus: 13 cases. 100 percent success rate!!!

How would you like to be pain free? How would you like to be lupus free? For the rest of your life?

Lupus is merely garbage in, garbage out.

You eat nighshades? Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants? You will suffer.
You eat grains, seeds and beans? Wheat, corn, rice, oats, seeds and beans? You will suffer.
You eat dairy? You will suffer.
You eat processed foods? You will suffer.
You eat vegetable cooking oils and margarine? You will suffer.

Raw Paleo Diet is the original nature specified diet of man.

Raw meat. Raw fish. Raw fat. Raw eggs, Raw fruit in season. Some raw vegetables like celery. You will be cured, you will be healed, you will enjoy life, Lupus free.

Do you need to socialize with fellow practitioners of the raw paleo diet and lifestyle? Visit and be in good company of people who know the secret to real health. Humans were meant to be healthy.

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  1. rowel says

    hi edwin!.. nightshades? how does it affects our health? can u explain? please. im new to these… tnx in advance

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