Vander Gaditano: Principle of Dissolving Liver Tumors Very Very Fast

I am currently enthralled at picking the brain of the great hands on healer Vander Gaditano. He has a technique that dissolves liver tumors very very vast. Is 1 day fast enough for you? Here are the principles:

– Pump the patient full of nutrition, Vander uses Philippine style Gerson Protocol. Local fruit, local vegetables, and local young raw goat liver juiced in a fine tasting concoction Vander calls G-Power for God Power. There are other foods that may enhance nutrition levels of the patient. Vander tailor fits his nutrition program for the patient… and it has to be delicious.

– Give G-Power plus a supplement to speed up the process… the liver will collapse / let go of the contents of the tumor.

– Then there’s the problem right? Tumors are supposed to contain toxins and poisons to protect the body from harm, if it dumps them through the gall bladder into the stomach, then the patient will be poisoned.

– This is where fast purgatives come in, including castor oil.

– This is where coffee enemas come in, faster than your regular liver flush.

There is the art, the timing, and the experience of doing such an exciting and seemingly simple task. Liver tumors gone. Cancer? What cancer? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Who is Vander Gaditano? He’s my current most revered Master Teacher Healer. This is Vander. Click Here.


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