Senior Citizen Law of 20% Discounts Benefiting the Senior Drug Addict Victims

So the DSWD finally published the IRR of the new Senior Citizen’s Law giving 20% straight discounts to seniors and at the same time cancelling any VAT. Wow. I asked a senior couple how this benefits them. They said it is applicable to restaurants, local air travel and the BEST they said is for their monthly PRESCRIPTION DRUGS!!! For the husband alone he spends xx,000 pesos a month just on prescription drugs!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… hooeeyyy… this guy bought the farm and the kitchen sink and all the baloney his drug pusher pushed on him. All the while the drug pushers are taking their international vacations, he’s popping those pills supporting the drug pusher and his cohorts’ lifestyle. Talk about being the chump. The patsy. The sucker sucked out of his hard earned pension funds. And those drugs don’t make him healthy. Not one bit. But don’t tell this to him straight in the face. He’s liable to be angry at you for telling the truth. You won’t be friends no more.

This is the thing for all you younger sets who have not bought into the drug cartel’s brainwashing yet. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let their scare tactics fool you. There are far better ways of living than be drug zombies. Your health and brain do not have to go down the drain due to drug pushers. There are FAR BETTER WAYS.

Did you know that by merely adjusting your diet and living habits you can rid yourself of any symptoms of old age discomfort? That you can and will look and perform 20 years younger than your senior peer drug zombies? Did you know that a good number of thousands of people already know how to live drug free for the rest of their lives? Are you missing the boat about the real story of health?

Let me tell you right now. Maintenance drugs are NOT in my future, they never will be.  Because I know MUCH BETTER.  I found the fountain of youth. And so have thousands of others around the world, no exaggeration. We have no health complaints. All systems working 100%.

The secret is:

  • Human Diet / Paleo Diet / Raw Paleo Diet
  • Detoxing when needed
  • Pollution Avoidance
  • Nurturing

I am not exaggerating, this is just the way it really is.  I will give you an example. Watch and listen to this couple in their late 50s, they will tell you about reverse aging.

Read the write up of the video at Reverse Aging – Healthy Aging with the Raw Primal Diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz

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