Suggest 10 cups of Cayenne Pepper Tea a day for Brain Tumor Reduction

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In a discussion with an expert acupuncturist and healer last night regarding the case of my Uncle A with brain tumor, we got into discussing the blood brain barrier and how to cross it with herbs and the help of acupuncture. I got to thinking about cayenne. I know I gave my uncle cayenne tincture. Will it be cayenne tincture or cayenne tea? I’ll bet on cayenne tea. He can take it more often. Maybe 10 cups a day. Not a bad substitute for a coffee habit of 10 mugs a day.

“In a lecture by Dr Richard Shulze, master herbalist, we learned the following: A man had an inoperable brain tumor and told that he might have a 5% chance of survival with chemotherapy. He went home, did a colon/liver detox and started a regimen of ten cups per day of cayenne pepper tea. In three months he returned to his doctor and his x-rays showed a dried up, dead tumor in his head. Dr Shulze explains this cure thusly: Cayenne pepper contains many wonderful phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals. It cleans the blood allowing hormonal signals to make their way unimpeded through your system, thus the enhanced immune response. In countries that have some very hot cuisine, you find significantly lower cancer and heart disease rates.”


How to make Cayenne Pepper Tea:


  • 8 ounces distilled water
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh chopped cayenne pepper

To make the tea, put a teaspoon of chopped cayenne pepper in cup, add distilled hot water, add calamansi, and stir.

Enjoy 10 cups a day of this cayenne pepper tea. If uncle used to enjoy 10 mugs of coffee a day, he can enjoy this for his health in the name of shrinking his brain tumor.

We need the cayenne to ram through the blood brain barrier daily and continuously so that the nutrition he ingests is transported.

I also suggest at least 2 raw duck eggs as food, not as liver flush. Take 1 raw duck egg in the afternoon and 1 raw duck egg at night.

The duck eggs will provide the protein and the raw fats that is needed to clean out the brain tumor. The cayenne breaks through, the fats cleanse and provide nutrition to that hard to reach area.

The cayenne will also take care of the stuck up neck lymph nodes.

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