Meat Eating Healing Center in the Philippines: Vander Gaditano

Surprising that this great health debate host does not know of any Meat Eating Healing Center. All he knows are vegan, vegetarian healing centers. Perhaps he hasn’t heard that Max Gerson heals people with raw livers. Perhaps he hasn’t heard about how I cure friends and family with raw meat, raw fat, raw oysters, raw clams, raw fish, raw liver, raw eggs. Perhaps he hasn’t heard about the Raw Paleo Diet and a Raw Paleo Forum full of raw paleo diet practitioners who got well from their ailments.  Well, Mr. Host, I’m here to introduce you to myself and my friend who uses meat eating in healing.

6. There are no meat-eating healing centers that I know of.

Dr. Mercola confirmed that he didn’t know of any place where people go to heal that has meat on the menu.

I do not know of a place either.

This, in itself, is very good evidence that for healing illness removing these types of foods from your diet may be effective.

Of course, each individual is different, but throughout the world, healing centers focus on plant foods for healing illness, not on steak and eggs.

I think we can safely conclude that if you need to heal or detox (in most cases), you need to remove the animal protein from your diet for at least a specified time.

As far as professional healing centers in the Philippines, my friend and professional healer Vander Gaditano uses raw goat livers in his G-Power nourishing and cleansing concoction. Vander also cooks goat meat in coconut milk. Vander also serves squid ceviche. Vander will use whatever is needed on the sick. He has treated people who had gone on for too long on veganism with a highly carnivorous diet to get them in balance.

What you need is a flexible healer who goes either way and any way needed. When you fight great diseases you fight with both hands. Hit them with powerful combinations. Humans are omnivores. Fight with fruit, fight with vegetables, fight with animals. Fight with herbs, fight with drugs, fight with supplements, fight with electro medicine, fight with acupuncture, fight with detox protocols, etc etc etc. Nothing is sacred. Everything is fair game.

Vander Gaditano is the Best Live In Healer I know and recommend. You live, sleep and eat in his healing farm in Candelaria, Quezon. He makes sure you do everything right according to your illness. Customized Diet, Customized Detox, Customized Healing… all hands on. Click to visit Vander Gaditano’s Healing Farm. Call Vander at +63-917-742-3294


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