Paleo Diet Recipe: Ox Tail Stew

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A few days ago I was inspired by the cooked paleo diet journal of Celtic Cave Girl in about her oxtail stew. I figured I could cook that same stew. We have all the ingredients and the equipment for it. What’s good about it is it is a very fatty stew, fat, fat, fat. And it’s beef fat. Since it is a stew, it seems to taste less toxic than cooked ground beef. The usual Filipino recipe for oxtail is Kare Kare which is so not paleo diet because it relies on peanut sauce.

You see, even though I’m a raw paleo dieter, my family is not there yet with me so at the very least I should convert them to paleo diet, even a cooked paleo diet, then get further raw over the months.

FYI, I’m in charge of making money, doing the marketing personally, in charge of the daily menu… I just tell the maids what to cook. If it’s the first time a meal is to be cooked, I personally supervise it to be done. This is one of them.

Here are the steps we took to make the ox-tail stew:

  • Yesterday Saturday I bought 2 kilos of beef tail – ox tail,
  • Yesterday Saturday I bought a lot of beef bones for their raw bone marrow.
  • This Sunday morning I had all the raw bone marrow removed and put in two bowls.
  • I had the bones put in a pot over charcoals to make beef stock by 9am.
  • I watched some YouTube videos about how to make oxtail stew, they were the usual gross commercialized supermarket variety stews.  Imagine using packaged commercial chicken stock, and flour, and umpteen condiments… absolutely unhealthy… unacceptable.  I’m doing this the paleo diet way.
  • By 2:30 pm we began browning the oxtail parts
  • By 3pm the oxtail stew was stewing in the pot and we in fact consumed all the beef stock eventually.
  • Added 5 jack fruit leaves because our maid said that helps soften the oxtail
  • Added freshly ground pepper, sea salt, 1 fresh cayenne pepper, carrots, white onions, bay leaf
  • By 6:30pm the oxtail stew was ready to be served

This is the first time we had oxtail stew.  Amazing jelly like consistency of the thick ox tail skin.  Pictures of my oxtail stew below.  We have left overs so the children will have it for their morning meal and lunch packs.

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  1. curious says

    Is it true that bone marrow is high in monounsaturated fat? In paleo diet, is it ok to eat all kinds of fat (unsaturated and/or saturated)?

  2. says

    I personally do not think in the giberish that some “scientific” people do such as “monounsaturated” or “saturatated”. I only care that raw bone marrow is a superior food which is much more nutritious than back fat.

    Cooking will remove that raw bone marrow magic.

    What I do is remove all the bone marrow from the bone and put all the raw bone marrow in a bowl. I eat the raw bone marrow RAW.

    Raw stands for unpolluted and truly natural.

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