Warning! Expose on Transglutaminase “Meat Glue” – Must Watch!

TOXIC re-processed glued together “meat!” An expose on the meat industry in Australia and their use of Transglutaminase “meat glue” to sell off-cuts as prime meat for a premium price. The original video is from Australian Channel 7’s current affairs program “Today Tonight”.

This is an outrage! Those people should be sent to jail for life for poisoning the citizenry! This just goes to show how far removed people are from their food. Most of them cannot tell if the meat is real. The journalist says it’s hard to tell? Puhleezee…. I do all the marketing in my household and I eat raw meat and can tell the difference right off the bat what is real and not.

In my country, people make longganisa / sausages to sell the unsellable scraps of meat. It’s out in the open… processed put together “meat”. These Australians and other cheaters should just adopt the Filipino tradition of longganisa so their scrap meat can be sold LEGALLY without DECEPTION.

In my city, I have followed beef from the slaughter house to the market. Goats are slaughtered in front of you. And in the wet markets full quarters of beef are on display and cut apart in front of your eyes. Goat carcasses are in full view. This type of glued meat cheating cannot be done in wet markets where regular buyers are aware of animal body parts.

Maybe this is the answer to some aspiring raw paleo dieters not being able to tolerate raw meat? Maybe it’s because they are eating raw glued meat? And they are being poisoned by the glue that supposedly dissipates when the meat is cooked? And being newbie raw meat eaters they still unfortunately cannot tell the difference between good meat and bad meat?

This is awful. All parties to this intentional food pollution, poisoning and duping of the buying public need to be prosecuted severely.

Healthy REAL meat is absolutely good for your health. Find yourselves REAL MEAT.

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