Liver Flushing for Children

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My 2 young boys 9 and 7 are undergoing treatment for eczema cure via raw paleo diet. As part of their cure protocol, they need to do liver flushing / liver cleansing. The safest liver flush is the egg yolk liver flush. No chemicals. All food.

For their size, I had to adjust the recipe:

– 1 big fertilized duck egg yolk only
– 1/4 cup freshly squeezed calamansi juice or lemon
– 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil or grass fed butter (whichever the child prefers)

I gave the egg yolk liver flush every first thing in the morning every other day. At their age, I felt every other day for 3 sessions of egg yolk liver flushing was a good first cycle. Rest for a week and then do another cycle. They have finished 1 cycle.

First day egg yolk liver flush feedback was that when they pooped the following day they said their poop smelled differently. And after 3 liver flushes their itchy eczema symptoms on their legs had been reduced by 99% and 90% respectively. Of course we also did kidney cleansing and an almost raw paleo diet with raw fruit, raw honey, raw meat.

Liver flushing is not just for adults. Liver flushing is also for children. Dr. Henry Bieler was correct, the human liver needs raw red meat to be nourished. Cooked meat for my children pollutes my childrens’ livers.

Now that they have cleaner livers their livers will clean up their blood. Their clean kidneys will clean up their blood as well. Raw animal meat and raw animal fat nourished livers provide great liver function. And that is why their respective eczemas had subsided.

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  1. says

    where do you get raw meat from? I have a grass fed beef sourch, but how do you know it doesnt have any
    harmful bacteria even if you sear it?

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