Paleo Diet Food Plate Replaces Food Pyramid

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So the USDA came up with their food plate.  Totally gross.  As Jayjay of put it: “The USDA has one purpose, to support the U.S. agricultural industry. Anyone who thinks they are dispensing advice for the good of humanity and/or public health is very, very misguided.”

The enlightened men and women came up with their own paleo diet food plates.  This is the one I liked best for cooked paleo diet practitioners:

If you are on cooked paleo diet and you cook your meat then you may need to eat more vegetables which are also cooked.

If like me you are on raw paleo diet and you eat all your food raw, then raw meat and raw fat will eat up most of the vegetable section and there will be very few vegetables.

Raw paleo diet is the original and best diet on earth. Raw paleo diet’s proof is in the curing of people with incurable diseases and giving you the best of health you never thought possible at any age. You have to try it for a few months to know.

So there you have it, a healthy paleo diet food plate. Enjoy your health!

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