Tuberculosis? Asthma? Pneumonia? The True Underlying Condition is Liver Cirrhosis.

We are onto day 3 of driver Benny’s pneumonia cure.  He sleeps in my office.  And I feed him and take care of him.  We have come to relieve Benny of his breathing problems by simply using Quantumin on his sinus and nostrils and in 5 minutes he was able to breath through his nose.  We have unconstipated his bowels by giving 60ml of castor oil.  We have stopped mucus production by going on a raw paleo diet and alkalizing him electrically with the pyroenergen.

We now have identified the root cause of his illness, is that he has liver cirrhosis.  Daily apple juice drinking and the egg yolk liver flush yesterday resulted in expelling of lots of black stones and foul sewage smell from his liver.  Black stones are a sign of cirrhotic liver.

The heart of the cure is the continuously feed a raw paleo diet to rebuild the liver with raw red meat and wheat grass juice… maybe add Henry Bieler’s soup while flushing daily with egg yolk liver flushes.  4 days at a time.  This morning is Benny’s 2nd straight egg yolk liver flush.

Lately Benny is complaining about pain in his left shoulder.  Ventosa improved it but not much.  Time to call in Sifu Sam for his acupuncture.  That is if we can get a hold of Sifu.

How is Benny?  Very good.  More energy.  He can walk around the village.  He doesn’t need the air conditioner to breath.  He doesn’t need the pyroenergen anymore.  He still needs to finish his breathing in the nebulizer with simple salinase… 4 times a day and then pound a lot on his back.

2 nights ago he had kinilaw fish malasugi and also the morning after plus raw oysters.  I plan to pump him with raw fish, raw beef, raw oysters for the most nutritious combo.  And lots of calamansi in the condiments because Vander says maasim will counteract the sticky phlegm.

Benny for the first time in his life ate raw beef last night. 4 sticks of prepared raw beef barbecue.  It is condimented with calamansi, ilocos garlic, raw honey, salt and pepper.  Of course it was delicious.  He eats more of that today and every day.  For his wheatgrass I’ve got in stock with me some Nutrimax wheat grass juice sachets.  All he has is delicious.

Patient can’t complain because all the food and drink is delicious.  A taste of the garden of eden.

I don’t see any tuberculosis, or asthma or pneumonia… all I see is liver cirrhosis.  It’s just that the lungs were doing backup detox… and doing a poor job at that.

Life skill learned by Benny lately is to smell your raw food to know what’s good and bad for you.  He smelled all the oysters and weeded out the bad ones.  He smelled a lot of different fruits and found the fruit he smiled at… atis.  He found out that there is a smell and taste instinct that we need to listen to.



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