Frozen Shoulder, Painful Shoulder, Stuck Mucus in Left Lung, Pneumonia, TB Drastically Getting Better

Still on the saga of Benny who for a long time was diagnosed by doctors has having TB, then pneumonia, then on Sunday his left front shoulder had too much immobilizing pain and last week Wednesday he was taken to the emergency room not being able to breath and last Sunday first I saw him it looked like he wasn’t going to make it.

Benny has been treated with:

  • herbals from a herbalist for breathing relief
  • faith healer
  • castor oil for colon cleanse
  • 4 days of egg yolk liver flushing with 1 liter of apple juice every day as well
  • daily overdosing of probiotics quattro 15 caps a day
  • condimented raw paleo diet of malasugi fish, raw oysters, raw clams, raw beef
  • oysters – uncondimented, clams -uncondimented
  • raw fish – kinilaw in calamansi, onions, ginger and some tuba vinegar
  • raw beef – in barbecue sticks in natural barbecue sauce from raw wild honey, ilocos garlic, sea salt, freshly ground pepper, calamansi
  • fresh wild honey calamansi juice
  • 2 packets of instant wheat grass juice every day
  • 4x nebulizing with salinase / saline solution
  • quantumin mineral drops to instantly clear his sinuses
  • massage with virgin coconut oil
  • ventosa
  • acupuncture by the top world class holistic chinese medicine healer Sifu Sam
  • plus Sifu Sam gave him 3 chinese herbs to help clear his lungs, his circulation, etc.

Now Friday morning Benny says his left arm pain is down to only 15% of the 100% pain it was last Monday.  His sinus is still 100% clear.  And his lung recovery seems to be the same as his left arm pain recovery.

Since yesterday Thursday Benny had been on a largely carnivorous diet.  He found out he wasn’t digesting fruit.  And he found his joy in eating raw fish, raw clams, raw oysters and raw beef.  And his stools are solid.

Egg yolk liver flush progress, much faster than expected.  From total sewage stink bomb with stones last Tuesday 100%, to Thursday’s no stones just a little sewage smell.  I will have him rest from liver flushes after today.  He will rest for 3 days without liver flushes.  And I will end his probiotics after today.

He will go in for more raw red meat beef and raw beef fat today and the following days to help him heal even faster.  He is a natural raw meat person and seems to be thriving on it.

He is no longer dizzy, he is strong, his last complaint is just 15% pain in his left shoulder and just 15% mucus in his left lung.  Yesterday he was thinking his lungs will be clear in 3 days.  By Tuesday again, Sifu Sam will be back for his 2nd treatment.

I taught Benny that his liver was the root cause of the problem.  We merely rebuild his liver with raw red meat and some wheat grass juice and lots of raw animal fat.

What about the diagnosed TB and pneumonia?  Mere labels of symptoms.  They are all gone and crushed with this kind of healing.  Faster and more effecting than any dumb drug will ever do.

I have no doubts, Benny will make 95% recovery before I let him go. (next week)  And it seems he is absorbing my teachings because of his desire to get well.  So my fearless prediction is Benny will do 200% recovery by the end of the year with a little help from a change in their diet in his work as a driver… more meat and more fat.  I will let him go next week after Sifu Sam’s acupuncture.  This weekend I will teach him how to do his own marketing and how to do a cooked diet correctly if he wants to go cooked.

Of course from my point of view, a 100% raw paleo diet gives me 1000% better performance of cooked diets, but I don’t hold his budget or his life so it is up to him.  But I am satisfied about the mental impact I seem to have planted in his mind and he is experiencing.  That this kind of drug-less healing is very very fast… and very very effective… that no hospital and no doctor has ever given him the kind of healing that he is receiving now.  And it is all easy.  And it all makes sense.  And it is all very delicious.  This is the most delicious healing experience ever.

Shown here with raw oysters and fish ceviche. Benny can now smile... feeling great... he's not going to die after all.


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