Contraception Obama 2012: Atheists and Real Healers Think Contraception Sucks

Well well well.  Obama’s reproductive health care insurance cramming down the throats of everyone in the USA got the religious people riled up.  Those Catholics suddenly remembered it’s in their official doctrine that contraception is all bad… and they had been sleeping on the job… losing allegedly 98% of their own catholic members to the dogma of contraception worship.   So Obama thinks yeah sure, they don’t mind.  So besides the religious blah about why contraception is “sinful” or “bad”, let’s discuss logically from an atheist’s point of view why contraception is not in your human self interest.

Let’s start with CONDOMS.  In 2 words: CONDOMS SUCK.  Condoms suck so bad, I’d rather not have sex if that is all a girl is going to offer me.  No matter how much condom pushing with playful advertising… condoms still SUCK so bad.  “It feels like having NO SEX at all.” A direct play with words ridiculing a condom slogan. Want to be sexually satisfied? It is skin to skin sex or no sex at all!

How about IUDs or cervical caps?  Are you so brainwashed to want to have those gross looking things inserted in your vagina?  Gross!  I remember we had a maid who had a terrible stinking vagina.  She forgot she had an IUD inserted in her for many years.  And it had infected her internal organs.  Yes, it was my job to take her to the obstetrician who had to remove it.  Gross x 100.

Let’s then go to female POISONING sold as contraception.  Birth control pills, birth control patches, birth control injections… they are all POISON.  If you truly loved your woman / wife / girlfriend… why POISON her?  Did you actually FALL for the pharmaceutical birth control manufacturer lies that these POISONS are SAFE and BENEFICIAL?  Beneficial for whom? For the profits of the drug company making them?  Did you ever read those side effects of those female poisons?  They are all very much real.  And the “studies” allegedly proving these poisons are “safe”?  Ha ha ha… who funded those “studies”? And whose “standards” are used to say these things are “safe”?

And how about those permanently injurious surgical procedures that disables reproductivity in men called vasectomy and for women called ligation?  Do “they” actually count the number of men and women who just keeled over and died or got bed ridden due to these allegedly “safe” procedures?  I met a lady in the government land transportation office and she related to me first hand her ligation disaster.  3 years in a vegetative state, bed ridden… and it was only through a friend who brought special herbs that she recovered.  She was lucky.  I had an aunt who just began bleeding to death… she almost died if not for emergency surgery removing all her reproductive organs.

What is my point of view?  What are my standards?  I’m a self made family healer.  Top caliber.  I heal and teach people how to heal themselves of medically incurable diseases.  I know how to cure people of diseases western medical has no cure for. Therefore, I am beyond the dogma / superstition / religion of western pharmaceutical medicine whose disease paradigm and birth control paradigm is absolutely wrong on any health level.

When a woman is SICK and asks me for help… the very first thing I ask the woman is to please stop and drop all birth control poisons and gadgets.  For the men, please stop using erection inducing drugs.  And for everybody else… when sick, we have to wean you off of pharmaceutical drug dependence because it keeps your body out of whack.

My critique about the religious is… they think too much about their PERSONAL salvation.  As an atheist I care about my personal health, and I do care tons about my multi-generational descendants’ reproductivity… I truly want to LIVE… and see that all life seeks to LIVE… and living means reproducing to the fullest capacity you can muster.  Multi-generational life has ups and downs… in some generations they may have been poor, some generations rich, some generations middle class… some were at war.. but if at any time, that relay race broke that life chain in the family tree, the family tree might just have stopped dead.

Contraception promotion is an imperial depopulation scam promotion scheme.  “They” will keep trotting out and screaming to the top of their voices that there is over population doom and gloom and that you must do your part to willingly sacrifice your family tree for the “collective good.”  So who of you are willing to let your bloodline die without a fight?

Oh yes I’m talking about bloodlines dying whole sale.  In 2012, people are so brainwashed of contraception at this point in human history in the most highly urban cities the fertility rate is 1 child per woman!!! Do you understand this point?  1 child per woman.  My mother in law bore 8 children.  A son of mine will have to find 8 women to bear the same number of children their grandmother once did.  (Polygamy makes sense!) And “they” still want to brainwash my children to be contraceptive?

The contraception they are talking about today is at an EXTINGUISHING level.  The pendulum has already swung TOO FAR to the EXTREME end… where in some countries population is aging, populations are in absolute decline, children are few, schools are closing and merging… and they even have governments PAY WOMEN to have children… they even have government sponsored TV teaching men and women how to date and form couples and families.

Contraceptive thinking is mediocrity of the species.  It is multi-generation suicide until there is nothing left.  No brothers, no sisters, no classmates, no children, no grand children. This is what the depopulation imperialists want.

So what might a prolife atheist want? We want to inherit the earth!  Let those who want to leave this planet without children…without grandchildren… let my descendants inherit what is left.  We will take care of this planet when you are all gone and thank you for it.  There are reports in some parts of Europe where barren Europeans have bequeathed property to Filipino caregivers, wow.  Thank you!


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