How to eat a Pineapple, How much to eat of a Pineapple

Presented here in this video is how to open and slice up a pineapple. This guy is good. He shows you can cut round pieces like medallions. But you can also cut lengthwise. Which I prefer when serving pineapples because the sweetness of a pineapple varies from top to bottom. So if you cut in medallions you get a sweet medallion and a sour medallion. To be fair to all of the people you share your pineapple with, cut it lengthwise.

How much to eat of a pineapple? Notice in my above paragraph I said SHARE your pineapple. That is because you are NOT supposed to eat an entire pineapple by yourself. Not even HALF a pineapple of that size. You are just supposed to eat 1 lengthwise slice. 2 lengthwise slices if you are a glutton. But not more than that.

The other thing to look out for is when your tongue or lips start getting itchy or in pain. If any signs of that itch or pain begin, it’s time to stop eating pineapple. That means your body has had enough.

Pineapples can be very sweet or high in fructose without you knowing it causing high blood sugar spikes and eventual crashes if you eat too much. That is why my guideline is just 1 or 2 slices.

For SAD dieters, those who eat combinations of meat and rice or meat and wheat, or raw vegetables, or corn, those very hard to digest combinations and foods can be helped by eating a slice or two of pineapple for desert.

The pineapple enzymes are very powerful and can aid in digestion immensely. And this is also why you should not be eating an entire pineapple by yourself unless you want to bore holes in your gut.

Pineapples are great thirst quenchers and digestive aids, but do not overdo them. Remember, 1 or 2 slices is enough. That is what I judge as moderation. It is also the same serving size what rolling pineapple fruit vendors sell in the streets of Manila. So it’s also their judgment of moderation.

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