10 Vegan Sources of Protein – May Kill Your Kidneys and Flood you with Estrogen

I have major disagreements with an article I found that listed 10 Vegan Sources of Protein.  This is a major recipe for killing people’s kidneys.  I wish they would stop spouting these dreadful vegan protein excuses to not eat animal meat.  Vegan sources of protein are incredibly low in FAT… and being low in FAT or even ABSENT in FAT is a total kidney disaster.  Dialysis centers are a booming business because of many people embracing the low fat diet hysteria.  Vegan protein sources are the epitome of high protein and ultra low fat.  So you may wind up killing your kidneys eating vegan sources of protein.

Here is a critique on each and every item being recommended by the vegan mafia:

1. Veggies – cooked veggies… many people are allergic to cooked vegetables.  In fact some healers theorize that cooked veggies cause tuberculosis.  Lucky you who are not allergic to cooked vegetables such as cooked spinach, cooked french beans, cooked kale, boiled pees… again… these protein sources are unbalanced… no FAT.

2. Hemp in smoothie?  Only if you get a FAT smoothie like avocados to balance out the protein in hemp.

3. Soy Milk? The epitome of industrial waste and estrogen pollution.  Almond milk? Duhhh… nut overdose and fungus.

4. Nut butter, peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter… gross nut overdose again… Omega 6 overdose, fungus overdose… kidney killer legume peanuts with anti-nutrients.

5. Quinoa – balance with FAT.

6. Tofu – more soya industrial waste estrogen poisoning

7. Lentils – another high protein ultra low fat kidney killer in large quantities

8. Beans? pinto, kidney or black beans… full of anti nutrients, kidney killers

9. Tempeh – another soya industrial waste estrogen poisoning disaster

10. Sprouted-grain bread – so it’s a little better than regular commercial wheat bread… but it’s still wheat and gluten filled.

But don’t let me stop you if you are genetically vegan. Some people are. And if you think these work for you, go for it.

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