Raw Paleo Diet 4.6 years Report: Parasites Cleansed, Protein Requirements Reached, Food Consumption Minimal

This is my preliminary observation of myself on 4.6 years of raw paleo diet.  My compliance to raw is something like 95%.  The 5% or less is due to having to taste my childrens’ meals and social functions.  Though by this July 2012 I’ve gotten to a point where I just let my wife and the children give feedback on the food.  I still do all the wet marketing. I began my raw paleo diet omnivore journey in January 1, 2008 after 2 months on raw fruitarian and 2 months of raw vegan which both gave me malnutrition.

In my 2nd and 3rd year of raw paleo diet omnivore I had a voracious appetite for raw meat…. something like at least 600 grams a day.  Whether it was eggs,  fish, red meat, shellfish like oysters and clams.  It was as if I was just hungry for long lost nutrition.  I then noticed tapeworms on the end of 2010 and by January 2011 I decided to take a 1 month dewormer with the brand www.humaworm.com which as expected effectively eradicated all my tape worm friends.

By January 2012, I noticed a drastic decrease in my instinctive need for meat, to something like half of my old appetite, some 200 to 300 grams a day only… and still tapering down.   I experimented with adding mined salt on my children’s food and I wound up tying it on my food too.  Big mistake as I would consume more meat than I really needed.

By July 2012 I had gout symptoms, gout inflammation in me left wrist.  Wow, this was interesting.  I even had noticeable eczema like eruptions on my other limbs… I have the eczematic ability to dispose of uric acid overdoses through my skin… interesting again.  Better hydration, water plus squeezing lemon in it, drinking throughout the day.  And drastically decreasing the amount of protein consumption.  Days without meat.  And on a day with meat, just once, palm sized and very very fatty such as beef or tuna or a little sea urchin.

It is interesting to see that I seem to have reached a nutritional peak, topped up of my protein requirements… my kidneys cannot process or refuses to process any more.  Full tank.  All I need seems to be “topping up”.  And my food requirements in general are minimal.  I am tempted to do 3 day diluted orange juice fasts or 3 day coconut juice and meat fasts… or even longer, but I would rather experiment with just 1 day fasts and minimal eating… like calorie restriction but on an instinctive basis.  Let my body regulate itself.

Mid August 2012 and my eczema symptoms have subsided and my gout symptoms on my left wrist has subsided… as expected.  Life is good and predictable when you are armed with health knowledge and how things work. Lately it is just lemon in water and fruits in season.  Durian and rambutan are blooming into season this August and September 2012.

Seems the parasites, the tapeworms and more, were keeping me lean and hungry and kept me from overdosing on protein by eating a good amount of my nutrients.  Without the parasites, I was now subject to overdosing, over nutrition.  Interesting.


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