Chicken Pox Outbreak, What it is, What it’s not: Personal Observations of a Healer

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The extended family just experienced a chicken pox outbreak.  It all started just after the monsoon rain floods.  Our 9 year old boy started having malaise feelings, then had sparse eruptions all over his body and face which the elders diagnosed as the familiar chicken pox. After the boy had gotten well after 2 weeks, then came OUR turn.  There’s my 11 year old boy, our 8 year old girl, their 29 year old aunt, me daddy at 43.  Then a week later, their 12 year old cousin and his younger 10 year old brother.  Ho ho ho… it’s a chicken pox party, chicken pox outbreak!

It is interesting to note that I know that my 11 year old, the 12 year old cousin and the 10 year old cousin were all given chicken pox vaccines.  While my 11 year old boy had the mildest chicken pox with no malaise.  The 12 year old male cousin had the absolute worst chicken pox attack with malaise and the look of a pineapple all over his face and body.

Our 8 year old girl had malaise, I had some malaise, 29 year old aunt had no malaise but a terrible body wide and face wide chicken pox marks and vesicles.  I 43 year old dad had it worse than 29 year old aunt with eruptions in the face, scalp and all over my body.

The malaise description: it seemed that internally, the body was detoxing.  What helped was when I realized that that was happening I gave a powerful colon cleanser (Dr Tam’s Miracle Tea) to my 9 year old boy.  He pooped out foul smelling poop.  Learning from this successful experience, I gave myself some Dr. Tam’s, as well as my 8 year old girl.  This provided fast relief.  For myself, the following day I did an egg yolk liver flush and did kidney cleanses… all for stopping the malaise by escorting the detox immediately out.

What was left was the detox through the skin.  A form of body wide eczema.  This proves all people are are capable of body wide eczema, it just takes this chicken pox germ to coax it out of you.  It seems my our bodies take advantage of this body wide chicken pox detox through skin by dumping anything and everything else opportunistically through the skin.  So if your body has dirt in it, trapped in it in tissues, in fats, it is dumping out as well.  And this is why I think us older people have worse chicken pox outbreaks.  Not because of age, but the pollutants we’ve collected.  This explains why the 12 year old boy may have had the worst chicken pox outbreak amongst all of us, it’s because he and his brother are on the terrible SAD diet complete with pasteurized commercial cow’s milk, imported GMO boxed cereals, processed hotdogs and canned corned beef, pizza and other common SAD commercial junk foods.

I for myself can think of the old mercury fillings I used to have, the lead fumes and lead ingots I handled, the gasoline and diesel fumes, the tires fumes, all the drugs I took and most especially accutane.  The good news is, those may all now be chucked out of my skin and I a new man when this entire chicken pox episode is all over.

For skin relief, I tried a bathtub soak with baking soda and chamomile tea.  But the most effective thing working for my skin detox was steam bathing.  I got a steam bath jacket from Dr. Tam’s, and bought a plunk in electric water boiler device and a small bucket for water, a plastic chair on top if it and ta dahhh… home steam bath on the cheap.  1 steam bath session for 30 minutes 1x per day.  Just drink enough fluids.  It works.  The dirt wants out through the skin, you escort them out through your skin by perspiring them out.

Of course I remain on my raw paleo diet.  At times I feel I have to have no meat at the time of the malaise, no meat.  But afterwards I felt my natural hunger for meat, I’m back on meat, beef and chicken and fish.

I followed some diet recommendations of Aajonus Vonderplanitz.  That combination of raw chicken and avocado is a winner, and I did not need to eat a lot it.  I tried the raw unripe banana with raw wild honey, and yesterday we had some pineapple.  Aajonus said sleep sleep and sleep.

What is chicken pox for me then?  It is no doubt contagious.  Chicken pox is a forced detoxing agent.  With the full intent of cleaning out your body from the inside out through your skin.  A the same time the chicken pox detox heals what needs to be healed at that time for stubborn parts of your skin.

What chicken pox is not.  Chicken pox is something that need not be vaccinated for.  Chicken pox is an opportunity for the body to cleanse.  If that vaccine hypothesis works, then you are depriving the body of the chicken pox opportunity to cleanse itself.  Some may say my 11 year old was vaccinated against chicken pox, this is why he had mild symptoms.  But is that good for him?  Some will then observe his 12 year old cousin was equally vaccinated but he suffered the absolute worst pineapple looking chicken pox amongst all of us.  So that chicken pox vaccine effects on 2 individual cousins seems inconclusive.

What I do know is after the chicken pox, the children are healthy and clean inside and out.  So it seems getting the chicken pox is beneficial… if and when you survive the detox process.  It explains why some people hold chicken pox parties with the full intent of getting chicken pox.


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