My grandmother backed out on colonics treatment

My 81 year old grandma came by to visit my kids, her great grandchildren. She was a wreck, could hardly stand, or walk, had to go try to sh*t every few minutes but usually unsuccessful. I asked her assistant how often she was able to sh*t. Ever 3 to 4 days was the answer.

Whoa! Alarm bells rang in my ear. Even though I was in the process of transferring my office, I had to do my best for my grandma. Even though I was tight with cash.

I contacted Dr. Gallego, the colonics doctor and immediately made an appointment with him that same morning. We used her driver went there for the consultation, made a 1/3 deposit for the P 15,000 treatment course of 5 colonic sessions. He asked for a heart rate test and a chest x-ray. And we did so the very same afternoon.

The next day my grandma calls on the phone and says she is backing out of the treatment.  Says she is fine with her drugs.  I told her she could die and stay decrepit the rest of her life. Says she is fine with her decision.

Of course this made me blow my top.  But, it is her decision.  I told her that it was she who came to me and asked me to help her. (She really did ask me.)  Now that I was helping her she backed out.  She probably thought I was going to pop her another pill.

I met her yesterday and found out her elder sister, stronger and healthier did the same colonics treatment several years ago.  My grandmother still wouldn’t listen.
Another one bites the dust.  Can’t say I will stop trying.

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