Humaworm has arrived, Parasite Cleansing here we go!

Finally, after more than 1 month in shipping, my for adults has arrived!  This is an old family recipe by American Indians which has been improved through more than 4 generations.  With the internet reaching their town, they can now sell online and give technical support online at  Imagine being able to talk to the people from where you bought your herbals while you are on the parasite cleansing program!  Awesome!  Free consultation. This is what the internet is for.
Parasite cleansing is an important protocol everyone in the family should undergo.  The fact that parasite purging is out of fashion does not mean that parasites now ignore humans.  In fact, parasites are infesting humans even more because humans have forgotten to purge.

Well I learned about these parasites when I suffered from my eczema.  Parasite cleansing is one of those important protocols that are a MUST.  This can be done by electronic means like the Ultimate Zapper which its inventor Ken Presner says can reach the insides of human organs.  But more traditionally, parasite cleansing is done by a variety of herbs in a month long schedule to be able to kill a wide swath of parasites in one blow.  Pharmaceutical drugs are weak at parasite killing and can only kill adult parasites of very few strains.

I chose to kill my parasites.  I started on the program yesterday, January 10, 2007 and should end 30 days after.  I am to drink 2 capsules of humaworm every 12 hours, 30 minutes before meals on an empty stomach.  And my preferred schedule is 6am and 6pm.

I will report my progress.


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