My Cayenne Tincture is a Big Hit!

I made my Cayenne Tincture during the new moon on October 11, 2007. I ordered 1 kilo of dried thai cayenne and 3 kilos of fresh ripe thai cayenne.

I followed Dr Schulze’s instructions and a slightly modified Indian doctor’s instructions. I also watched Dr. Schulze’s videos on youtube. I’ve had to make adjustments because I have thai cayenne, not the big cayenne they have on those videos.

I found out that the smell was powerful enough. That my hands got extremely, extremely hot and painful in the evening.

Cayenne Tincture BottlesI discovered Cossack Vodka. The cheapest in the market at 80 proof. I made some 18 bottles of the tincture and let it mature. in a box in the office. I gave away 1 bottle to my herbalist, 1 bottle to my massage expert and 1 bottle to my brother. 1 bottle stays in the kitchen and though it wasn’t mature yet, there have been demands for it.

My nannie’s neighbor had asthma so my nanny asked for some. My wife had asthma attack and she used the cayenne tincture with success. My brother in law had colds and cough and he had success. My sister in law had headaches and she used the tincture with some success.  Our #3 nannie had a terrible cold last night and my wife taught her how to take the cayenne tincture.  No more cold in the morning.

I’ve tried it myself. Makes me cry every time. It takes aloe vera juice and honey to douse my mouth on fire. My wife uses 4 ice cubes to douse her mouth.

Yes it is darn hot. Painful hot. I’ll make christmas gifts out of these things. All I need now are cute christmas bottles.

See the Schulze video and my photos.

Thai Cayenne

A whole case of cayenne tincture

Dr. Schulze Teaches how to make Cayenne Tincture

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