Dried Cayenne Powder Cures 3/4″ thumb wound in 1 day

Our maid Arlene was washing the dishes and she accidentally cut herself on the coconut axe. An ugly cut 3/4 inches wide all across her thumb, deep and jagged. Arlene thought she heard her bone being cut.

Lucky for her I was beside her. And in the kitchen cupboard were my left over bags of dried cayenne powder. In 1 minute I was there to slap a good amount of dried cayenne powder on her bleeding left thumb. And in the next minute another maid wrapped a hankerchief on the bleeding left thumb now covered with cayenne powder.

Arlene felt the deep hot cayenne embedded in her flesh. It was hot for a few minutes then it felt fine. This morning her harnkerchief bandage was off. Her thumb had totally healed! Outstanding, just 1 day! And no scar!

Lesson learned. Keep cayenne powder handy in your first aid kit.

Dried Cayenne Powder Heals Wounds Fast


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