Consuming more raw eggs in my diet

I am somewhat following the advice of Wai in regarding adding raw egg yolks in your raw fruitarian diet.  So technically I am not a 100% fruitarian anymore.  I am a raw foodist who eats primarily raw fruits plus some raw eggs and raw fish.

I’ve been doing this for a week now and I’ve gone up to comfortably consuming 3 egg yolks a day.  My transition phase is to use a bit of cooked white rice and put the egg yolks on it.  Everyday I reduce the amount of cooked rice mixed in until I reach zero white rice and just consume the raw egg yolks.

I love raw egg yolk delicious stuff.  The whites don’t taste so good though.  This evening I was a glutton.  I ate Durian around 6pm then at 7:30 pm I ate 5 fertile egg yolks.   Hmmm… I felt too full.  I think I should go down to 3 egg yolks.

I took Dr. Tam’s miracle tea to do a colon cleanse this evening.  This should get rid of that cooked rice.

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