Abdominal pain, cancer diagnosis, appendectomy and ligation

My friend’s 60+ year old mother had 1 full week of abdominal pain. They did not know what to do. Eventually they went to the common high class hospital and she was opened up.

Doctors said they found some signs of stage 4 cancer on her ovaries and cut her up.

Doctors said they found some signs of cancer on her colon and cut her up again.

Doctors said since she was opened up anyway, “let’s remove the useless appendix”, so the arrogant idiots removed her very healthy appendix!

After closing her up, and still in so much PAIN, they said she had stage 4 cancer and they recommend full blast chemotherapy poisoning after 2 weeks!

This is what my friend gets because they are rich. The hospital doctors know how easy it is to make millions of bucks these days. Find a rich fellow, tell them they have tumors, assume they are cancerous, cut them up and before they can understand what is going on and they are dazed with so much FEAR in their hearts, hit them hard with poison chemotherapy!

My friend called me up. He asked me to help him convince his mother and father not to give his mother chemotherapy. Of course I helped him. I lent him my video of Dr. Lorraine Day lecturing against the evils of the cancer industry. Dr. Day is no ordinary doctor, she had breast cancer herself and she cured herself through the correct principles of health.

I asked my friend the important analytical questions. It seems this ovarian cancer can be attributed to her mother getting a ligation many years ago. Any form of mutilation will strike back at you. There is no escape.

My friend’s mother can easily be cured with the Cure Manual for Cancer. They are rich. Loaded with money. I just hope their money becomes a tool instead of a liability. They are afraid now. They are gullible now. And the doctors know that. Western medical doctors believe there is no cure for cancer, but they see money to be made from a rich sucker.  Money corrupts doctors absolutely.


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