Cancer is great business for physicians and clinics

It is so easy to see how a business establishment works. They invest loads of money on equipment and personnel to sell their services.

I remember we used to be in the tire business. We had expensive wheel alignment machines. Naturally, every customer who came in to buy new tires were offered wheel alignment services. Wheel alignment was our cash cow.

It is the same with cancer and the hospitals. The emergency room is their bait. Cancer is their cash cow. They have invested heavily in equipment and personnel training and the profits of physicians and clinics thrive on their current status quo where cancer is “incurable”.

The good thing about our wheel alignment business was we merely freely diagnosed a car’s wheel alignment status and suggested our services to the customer.  In the cancer business, they SCARE, FRIGHTEN, the customer with their deepest, darkest FEARS to turn over their whole amassed fortune over to the white coats.

My anthroposophic doctor and I were having a good laugh one time I brought in a friend for her to diagnose. We laughed that with people like us, people are always and routinely cured.

I was trawling the internet for the words “cancer” and “cash cow” and I stumbled onto a Yahoo Answers question and answer post that just fit the bill:

Do you think that cancer is good business for physicians and clinics?

I mean: Is research intentionally slowed down or even sidetracked to justify expensive treatment. In other words: Does the medical profession gets fatter through expensive, barely useful treatments?

and the best answer was:

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You are totally correct. It is a total medical deception, and all of America has been completely duped. The FDA, pharmaceuticals and oncology “business” and “industry” want to prop up cancer as their main “cash cow”. In other words, they have utterly no intention of pursuing a true cure for cancer. Why should they? Afterall, they’re making billions of dollars because of cancer. A cure would eradicate the cash cow, the “goose that lays the golden egg”. They see catastrophic healthcare as the driving engine for their wealth generation and agenda. They do not care about American lives. Cures will not be tolerated. That is why any true researcher who attempts to find a cure for the major diseases, like cancer, or does find an alternative remedy of demonstrative promise, once the copyright patents are submitted, then the research is shut down, computers, files, documents and all research is confiscated, and the staff and principle researchers are “intimidated” by government officials. If researchers are not halted in this fashion, then “Plan-B” allows them to go to extremely “stringent” clinical trials where they are “tripped up” by minor details and their trials are nullified and closed down. I’ve heard case after case of this type of covert agenda by the FDA and the U.S. government.

The oncology therapies and radiation therapies are “psuedo-thearpies”. This is how the process “really” and “actually” works:

When one gets a “malignant tumor”, it is actually a good thing, indicating that the individual’s immune system is fully functional and doing its job of consolidating the cancer cells into compact and isolated locations, the tumors. However, the medical establishment recommends that the patient is immediately put on a radical one year program of “chemotherapy”, supposedly, as we are told, this will combat the cancer. This is done at an average cost of $68,000.00 merely for just the medicine alone, excluding physician costs, staff costs, equipment costs, lab costs, and all other peripheral costs.

But what the patient is not told is that the chemotherapy (or radiation therapy) disrupts the proper function of the immune system and literally shuts it completely down. As a result, the immune system can no longer do its job of consolidating the cancer cells into compact locations, creating the isolated tumors. Consequently, the malignant tumor that the patient was originally diagnosed with begins to shrink in size, not at all from the chemotherapy, itself, but from the “disabled immune system” precipitated by the toxicity of the chemotherapy. Eventually, the tumor “vanishes”. The oncologist exclaims, “Halleluiah, the chemotherapy worked!” And the cancer goes into remission, and the patient is taken off all the therapies. Unbeknownst to the patient, the cancer cells have merely dispersed to new locations within the patient’s body.

Several months later, to the horror of the patient, the cancer returns with a vengeance! And this time the new invigorating tumors are found in completely new locations. This occurs because once the chemotherapy was terminated, then slowly the patient’s immune system reactivates and rebounds going back to executing its job of gathering and consolidating the dispersed cancer cells into compact locations, thus creating the new tumors.

In addition to this “Medical Cancer Deception”, in order to keep the engines of catastrophic illnesses thriving, the FDA approves products and drugs with “time release degeneration” having negative health affects that cannot be readily and immediately ascertainable, but requires a 10 to 25 year period of an amalgamated consumption before catastrophic health issues surface in the potential patient, primarily cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, neurological diseases, and so on. These include the approval of Aspartame artificial sweetener which causes neurological damage and neuron dysfunction, and grand-mal-seizures; the integration of minute amounts of the poison, mercury, in all vaccinations with the Federal encouragement to get flu vaccinations every winter (mercury never cycles out of the body and thus accumulates to deadly levels as one ages eventually causing degeneration and diseases); growth hormones in dairy products which causes exponential cancer growth; and aluminum, e.g. aluminum cans for beverages which causes Alzheimer’s, which has reached alarming levels amongst the youth demographics, heavy consumers of soft drinks.

Yes, the FDA is not our friend.

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Asker’s Comment:

I’m sensitive to cancer because my mother died of a recurrent form of it when I was 16. It’s certainly difficult to cure because one fights his/her own body. But I concur with you in that it’s too juicy a business to kill. I wonder what physicians do when they get it, though there must be an answer.

I do have to add that I have outlined the principles of curing cancer on my cancer cure manual. It is up to you to use what available tools you have in your area.

The best way to politely turn down your cash cow crazed physician and hospital is to tell them you are broke, bankrupt, without insurance, penniless.  They will go away.  Remember, cancer is about business, about making a profit.  If they can’t scam any money from you, they will dump you.  Good health to you then!

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