Fear Factor dinner with Raw liver, Raw Kidneys and Duck Balut

We had a delicious dinner.  I came home around 7pm and brought out my delicious raw goat liver I bought last night.  With the liver were 2 kidneys.  All bloody raw in the tupperware.  I got my shears and started snipping.  All three kids swarmed around me.  My 3 year old girl already tasted a bit of the raw liver this lunch time and knew it was very tasty.  The 2 boys got curious and tasted the raw liver as well.  They all liked the raw liver.

Then the kids got curious with the raw kidneys.  So I snipped at the kidneys and both kidneys were consumed in a flash.  Eventually I got to eat.  And before finishing up I had my wife taste a tiny bit of the raw goat liver.  Ha ha ha, she can’t get over the fact that it’s raw and cringed while chewing on the small succulent piece.

Cringing wife had 3 duck embryos cooked for dinner.  For all you foreigners, this is called balut.  These are 17 day old duck embryos, cooked in boiling water for some 15 minutes.  We were all satisfied with the dinner.  It was just right.  Eating raw makes you full just right, never too much.

I noticed the past few days that I like eating meat only once per day.  So this morning I had fruits.  Then at lunch I had a big salad and celery.  My mid morning snack was coconut juice and meat.  And my mid afternoon snack was ripe indian mangoes.  And this evening the goat liver and kidneys.

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