My 7 year old boy is diagnosed with Primary complex, bronchitis, and tooth decay

My wife thinks our 7 year old boy has had a cold and a cough for 3 months.  2 days ago she went to Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales the anthroposophic doctor to have our boy checked.  Dr. Hey’s diagnosis is primary complex, bronchitis, and tooth decay.  Now my wife wants a witch hunt for possible tuberculosis carriers in our staff.  I noted that our in laws’ driver Benny is well known to have tuberculosis.  And that my analysis is that driver Benny has one missing kidney.  So his lungs are being tasked to do what a missing kidney cannot.

Back to our son, Dr. Hey prescribed her anthroposophic solution.

For primary complex: to be taken for 6 to 12 months

Ferrum Rosatum / Graphites – 10 drops – 4 times a day

Phosphorus D12 – 10 drops – 2x a day AM only

Archangelica Ointment – apply on the neck and massage downward for lymph flow – 2 times a day

For cough:

Pertudoron 1 – 10 drops – 4x per day

Pertudoron 2 – 10 drops – 4x per day

Vitamin C:

Acerola – 1 tablet – 3x per day

Other strategies fall on my lap, finally, I get a free hand.  So I’m putting my boy on a more paleolithic schedule and more alkaline diet.  First adjustment is for him to only eat 1 animal meal per day at lunch, just 1 animal food purely whether raw or cooked, but preferrably raw.  Breakfast is fruit and fatty fruit, and if hungry raw or soft boiled fertilized eggs, eat until stuffed.  For lunch 1 animal meal say for example yesterday was seared fatty sirloin beef steak and today he ate 4 cups of goto – beef innards with liver with little rice in a soup – dinner are just some light fruits or cucumbers.  I figure, this eating schedule, will result in better sleep, and the first night’s experiment is he did sleep better, he said no bad dreams and he was hungry in the morning.  This is a good sign.

This Sunday my boy chose to stay home with me so he says I could attend to him personally.

Lately he plays the recorder, a wind instrument being taught at school.  See and hear Cush play Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  He’s learning to speak some English.

My solution for tooth decay is already on the way. I had ordered the book Healing Our Children by Rami Nagel and it will arrive soon. It’s not for me, it’s for my wife to agree to the changes I need to implement in our diet. It’s time I killed this rice based diet lunacy. No amount of brushing or flossing will beat tooth decay as long as you stay in a rice based diet. I cured my rice addiction last year, it’s time the kids did the same while it is still early.

What is wrong with a rice based diet?

Rice is an original junk food, white rice is just empty carbohydrates.
Rice displaces more nutritious items like fruits, vegs and animal food.
The combination rice plus animal food is hard to digest and is highly acid forming.
Eliminating rice, we can switch to a high fat diet which allows to absorption of more vitamins and minerals.

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