My children prefer raw beef liver versus half cooked liver

Yesterday I had our cook prepare half cooked beef liver steaks for my children as part of my push for the tooth decay cure for my 7 year old boy.  I had the cook set aside a hand sized slice for myself but it was too late, she had already marinated it in some raw calamansi juice and fermented soy sauce. I said that was acceptable and had that for my lunch.

I handed out the half-cooked beef liver to my 7 year old boy.  He said he didn’t like the taste.  Uh oh, that bitter cooked liver taste.  I remember that when I was young.  He rejected the half-cooked liver.  So I asked him to try my raw liver.  My boy liked the raw liver.  He said that raw liver tasted much better and the cooked liver tasted bad.  Same opinion with my 5 year old and my 4 year old… or they just copy whatever their eldest sibling says.  Whatever the reason, at least they get to eat raw liver… and in front of my wife and the grand parents at that.  It’s part of the cure for tooth decay I said, that’s what Rami Nagel, Weston Price and the raw paleo diet community has recommended.  Besides, I’ve been eating raw liver myself so I have the authority and experience to recommend it to my children. And I chose and bought that fresh raw liver at the wet market, personally.


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