My friend’s 3 year old child undergoing speech therapy?

My best friend’s child is undergoing speech therapy.  He says his boy is already 3 years old and not talking yet.  What’s worse is that speech therapy sessions cost P 5,000 + per week!

I had the obvious suggestion.  Stop watching television.  He says his son doesn’t watch television.  I said one time at lunch I saw the nannies pop up a DVD and let his children watch some kiddie film.  He says they do watch videos.  I said, videos are just as bad.  The conversations are scripted and require no involvement from the children.  Children should be having natural conversations with adults, never television… including videos… it’s not just the television advertisements and the inane topics, it is also those kiddie videos that are harmful… especially for growing minds.

Children’s minds are blank… they have to network and build while growing up.  Watching a television screen is unnatural… they need personal, face to face, adult contact so they can participate in real conversations.  Take a look at those poor children watching a movie or a video or a tv program… they are hypnotized zombies.  Their minds are shut down and stunted.  Same for adults.

I don’t consider myself really much smarter potentially than other people in the realm of health… it’s just that I don’t watch television so my mind is free to grow and learn.  Stop watching television and you will see how simply logical and methodical cancer cures and other disease cures are.

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