Wife experiences intense migraine, sees spots and suspects aneurysm

Last Friday morning at breakfast my wife was complaining of an intense headache and seeing spots.  She says she suspects aneurysm.  I don’t know why she suspects aneurysm, but it sounded like an emergency to me.

Good thing we had my newly made batch of cayenne tincture made last January 2007.  The tincture is new, it is still in the vodka bottles, maturing.  Mature or not, it was time to use it.

So my wife took a teaspoon and ingested some cayenne tincture.  She prepared water with ice and raw honey as a chaser.

In a few minutes her vision spots faded away and her headache had subsided.  But it was to early to say so she did not drive to work last Friday.  She worked at home.

Please keep cayenne tinctures at home.  Use it for emergencies.  You never know when you will need it.  Was my wife really feeling the symptoms of aneurysm?  We may never know what it really was, she is well today and that is all that matters.

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