My 5 year old boy was victimized by small dirty lake shrimp in coconut milk

Grandma has fond memories of small Laguna lake shrimp.  You stew this in coconut milk and the whole shrimp with shell and all is edible.  A vendor frequented our village gate selling this cooked meal and lately grandma was buying from the vendor.  Saturday evening we had that cooked little shrimp and unfortunately for my 2nd son, he liked it.  And to help him eat the shrimp without pricking his mouth, his nannie removed thepointy heads.  So he was able to get his fill.

In the early evening my boy was telling me he had a small tummy ache.  In the late evening my boy woke up and was crying his heart out.  Found out his tummy was absolutely painful.  Plus he was itching all over.  He had very big welts on his forehead you could hardly see if you expected small welts.

I asked what other things the boy ate.  All clues pointed to the lagun shrimp.  While my wife and I were having dinner she pointed out that if those shrimp came from Laguna lake then they are polluted with very dangerous mercury levels.  She called it right.  Our son ate a lot of it.  I ate a lot of it myself, but maybe because I’m bigger and can detox better lately I didn’t get a tummy ache or itching.  So my son is in a lot of trouble and it is in the middle of the night… this is what we did:

For the tummy pain, I got 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mixed it with 2 cups of water.   This is for tummy pain relief.

Then I got 2 tablespoons of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and had my boy take this so that a few hours later he can poop his troubles away.  This is a herbal colon cleanse.

Then I knocked on the nannie’s door and with her help got to steam bath our son for 15 minutes.  The purpose is to detoxify his skin.  The fact that he is itching terribly is he needs to detoxify the poisons out his skin.  His body chose his skin as the fastest exit of toxins.  So we help his skin by giving him a steam bath, make sure he perspires, then give him a quick shower.

That gave him relief.  After his bath, he was asleep in 5 minutes.

I did my fish port shopping at 3am and was back at 6:30am to find my 5 year old boy playing wonderfuly and with a healthy appetite at breakfast after having pooped his troubles away.

In the evening to be sure I gave him a glass of avocado leaves tea for kidney cleansing.

I told this story to all the members of our household so that we should never again repeat the same incident.  We are no longer buying from that lady who sells the little shrimp.  It’s toxic.  Whether it was shrimp, the coconut milk she cooked, or if she put MSG in it.  No thank you.  This is why we prepare our own food.

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