What nutrition can we get out of Ants’ Eggs?

I was reading the Sunday paper this morning. They were featuring exotic Philippine food in the provinces and they showed pictures of ANTS EGGS!!!

So I asked my father in law if he ever ate ANTS EGGS and he said, yes he did eat them occasionally in his youth when he lived in the province of Ilocos. He said that ANTS EGGS are commonly sold in his home provincial markets.

Then I showed the ANTS EGGS picture to my sister in law. She’s a cultural mapping person and she said she saw ANTS EGGS served in the province of PAMPANGA.

My mother in law arrived and I asked her about ANTS EGGS and her face lit up and she said ANTS EGGS were absolutely DELICIOUS and that when you bit them they popped nice popping sounds in your teeth as you ate them. She comes from the province of LAGUNA.

I’m such a city born dork, I’m missing out. Ants eggs are now on my list of food to eat when I drive to the provinces. Better if I just get an ants eggs supplier and have them ship it to Manila.

My question to the knowledgeable and experienced ants eggs eaters there is, what do you get out of eating ants’ eggs? Is it nutritious? Does it fill you up? Is it medicinal?


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