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Poldo Baral swears it was commercial shampoo that made his hair fall off

I had just finished dinner and our cook’s husband was having dinner in our kitchen, then I noticed his head and it was less shiny than before.  I greeted him that his hair was thicker this time around.  He was glad I mentioned it, I asked what he was using, he said he was using a product from the USA given by a friend… he swabs it on daily.

Poldo Baral lost his hair because of shampoo
Poldo Baral lost a lot of hair due to shampoo use

We went to talk about shampoo, so I asked what shampoo he used.  He said no, he doesn’t use any shampoo.  In fact it was shampoo that made his hair fall off.  He showed me a picture in his wallet what he looked like 30 years ago, a full head of hair like a coconut husk… that thick.

He used to drive for my in-laws and during his driving days he just slapped on any shampoo his boss provided the help… you know, the same shampoos on the television commercials.  Poldo says don’t believe those television commercials, they lie, they made him lose a lot of his hair, which brand, all of them.

I asked him if he would be willing to testify on video about his shampoo misfortune.  He said “you betcha.”   So in the video below, in the Tagalog language, you can hear Leopoldo Baral share his experience that shampoo made him lose a lot of his hair and today he uses absolutely ZERO SHAMPOO… and with a little help is growing some of it back.

Is your hair falling off?  Afraid to go bald?  Turn off you TV and do not believe a word those shampoo commercials say.  Do not shampoo your hair.  Read the chemical list on the ingredients of your shampoo.  You must be insane to put that stuff on your head, your body every single day.  Learn from Poldo.