Helping Pepito with his liver cancer

My wife’s cousin called me up this Thursday asking to help this guy who was referred to him who was pronounced terminal with liver cancer.  I had a meeting at Tiendesitas with a customer and this was a perfect time to meet the man as well.  Who am I to refuse?

Mr. Pepito is 66 years old and on January was diagnosed with liver cancer after a drinking session made him feel absolutely terrible.  He has been to 2 hospitals and many drugs and the docs gave up on him… as is usual.  He went to an alternative health doctor, a pretty good one, but mis-interpreted the instructions.  He was supposed to eat raw beef bone marrow, but instead cooked the whole thing and ate all the cooked meat!!! Ouch… he had indigestion the next 2 days.  And was in total pain.  Then he saw me.  While still on pain killers and other drug cocktails.

He had the usual outlook that most people think he’s a goner.  Gave him some pep talk that while he can breath, sleep, eat, urinate and poop by himself there is a good chance.

My mission is to get him through this critical stage… I didn’t admit it to him… but I think he was absolutely critical that evening… and then pass him off to a good real doctor he can follow…. like Dr. Dy Liacco… if he survives long enough to get an appointment with the good Dr. who is always fully booked!

My suggestion was to unconstipate Pepito.  Every evening take 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for colon cleanse.  Then every day drink Harvey Fresh crushed apple juice plus as many raw fertilized eggs as he can eat when he has the appetite.  Helped them buy the eggs and the apple juice and extra virgin olive oil and lemons.  Hoping he will live long enough for liver flushing.

The first day he only farted with Dr. Tam’s… sign the liver is unclogging, but his colon was slow.

Had Dr. Bien the dorn and energy healer come to his residence.  Helped him with his back pain and he was also supplied with Quantum Minerals Plus drops.  In the evening he was in pain again.  Seems Dr. Tam’s is not enough to move his pollution.  Must go further up and grab onto the toxins at the liver to transport out.  Coffee enemas wanted.

I was looking for enema kits in the organic stores, they were out of stock.  I asked for the clinics, none of them did coffee enemas in their clinics.  I asked Dr. Dy Liacco, they have a contact nurse who does home visits for coffee enemas.  But her cell phone was unreachable!

Do it yourself mode.  I taught Pepito’s wife to buy an enema kit at the regular drug store, she said she could get coffee beans at starbucks… this is an emergency.  Funny she asked if he could put cream on the coffee! 🙂 I was amused by that, she saw the funny side of it when I showed her the videos on how to do an enema… in Filipino “labatiba”.

To this time of writing at Sunday evening, the couple has had no success doing the enema themselves.  Pepito’s wife says a nurse will come by tomorrow.  Currently he is depending on drug pain killers, putting more poison load on his loaded liver.  I hope they coffee enema him in time and they learn how to do it themselves.  The poisons in the liver being dislodged by the apple juice and by the raw eggs need to be transported out via the coffee enema because the colon is too sluggish to do the job and the poisons in the liver may be overwhelming.

Today Pepito improved and ate 4 raw eggs.  Let’s hope he ups to 10 raw eggs tomorrow.  And with the nurse doing his coffee enema, he will be on the way to good health… hopefully.  Hoping for continuous liver flushing via egg yolk liver flushes and coffee enema combinations.