Pepito with liver cancer does coffee enema: best painkiller ever!

Mr. Pepito had been in so much stomach pain for I don’t really know how long since his liver cancer diagnosis was made end of January 2009.  He has been taking drug cocktails of previously prescribed drugs as he was a stroke survivor, and then the painkiller drugs which give some pain relief… just some.

Last Thursday evening after I first met him, Mr. Pepito took 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea… probably one of the best colon cleansers in town;  the following day, all he got were big fat farts!  This was a big clue.  This meant his liver was constipated.  We have to reach out directly to the liver and force it to unload its toxic contents.  It is the toxic contents stuck in the liver that is causing his pain.  I suggested he needs to do coffee enemas to open up his liver and escort the toxins out the anus in 15 minutes.

The struggle and badgering to do a coffee enema happens.  There were no enema kits available in the organic shops.  There were no coffee enema practitioners available to teach Mr. Pepito.  Dr. Dy Liacco’s nurse contact Alma’s cell phone number seems to be broken.  I suggested to Pepito’s wife that it seems they are on their own and must improvise on their own.  Buy their own enema kit from the regular drug stores.  Buy their own ground coffee… no time to wait for the organic shop in my side of town… it’s too far.  Pepito’s wife asks me if she can put CREAM on the COFFEE… Uh oh… seems like a whole lot of non-understanding going on.  I called up and said Pepito is not supposed to drink the coffee, he is to stick the coffee up his anus and fill his colon until it reaches the liver.  I emailed them links to instructions and videos on youtube so they can do coffee enemas themselves.

The couple dilly and dallied and went through their other “priorities”, whatever those were… I don’t know why in one day they decided to take a stroll and visit the La Mesa Dam Eco Park in far away Quezon City then drive to Tagaytay all on the same day to entertain Pepito who is suffering in pain fro liver cancer / liver constipation.  They went to far away Cardinal Santos hospital to make some senseless blood tests and pointless diagnostics to satisfy Pepito’s son that his father’s case is diagnosed as “terminal” liver cancer.  Plus he was prescribed Morphine… western medicine’s usual pain reliever for hard cases.

Finally Monday evening they had their materials; the enema kit, a bag of Lipa City Batangas barako coffee, and a big man of a nurse to administer the coffee enema.

Tuesday Morning Pepito called me up and said he had the best sleep ever in a long time… his pain had gone away that evening and he slept really well.  Pepito was frustrated and had a bit of anger in his tone, “HOW COME THE DOCTORS DON”T KNOW ABOUT THIS COFFEE ENEMA?  It is so simple and easy… chicken.”

The coffee enema is merely an enema that uses brewed coffee instead of water.  The coffee herb stimulates the liver to open up dump its poison toxins and when the patient releases his enema, the foul smelling, toxic canal waste is transported out of the body.  It is these poisons that cause the pain.  Escort the poisons out the body and the pain disappears.  Coffee enema for pain relief trumps all drug pain killers because you are removing the root cause of the pain.

Know more about coffee enemas at Coffee Enema – Step by Step

Here is an entertaining video of what a coffee enema is:


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