Pepito with liver cancer / cirrhosis survives his first egg yolk liver flush

Pepito at 66 was diagnosed with liver cancer / liver cirrhosis this January 2009.  He had been in and out of hospitals, drugs and doctors and the doctors gave up on him and said he was terminal.  He wasn’t going to accept that, he was going to try new things, he went to a herbalist, an alternative health doctor.  I think it was the execution at home of instructions that is difficult.  However good the advice of the alternative health doctor was, they executed it wrongly.  For example they were asked to eat beef bulalo / bone marrow,  but they cooked it and forced eating the cooked meat / cooked protein.  Big mistake!  He was supposed to eat only the bone marrow raw!

So last Thursday we met and he has been in total pain for more than a month living on pain killers, eating poorly, pooping poorly and losing some 30 pounds already.  Looked like the man was ready to keel over and die.

First step was to break up the cirrhotic liver and see if anything can still flow.  Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea to make sure the colon flows, apple juice to make the liver flow, raw fertilized eggs to make the liver flow.  First day result was no poop, but lots of air farts… great sign, the liver is breaking open.

Second step, Dr. Bien the dorn specialist and energy healer was called in to straighten his spine and lessen back pain.  Back pain gone.

Third step the colon cleanser was working but no poop being generated, the liver is that badly damaged, the spleen maybe too.  The colon can’t be that sluggish.  Enter the coffee enema.  Must reach out to the liver and pullout the poisons causing all the pain.  Must eliminate all the painkilling drugs being given to him.  After some delays, they found a nurse and locally grown organic coffee and they found success in his first coffee enema.  All pain in the stomach went away.  He found his sleep.  All painkilling drugs stopped.  But a pain lingering type was formed on his right shoulder.  Yes, this shows stones movement in the liver.

Fourth step, pull out the toxins in the liver with a gentle liver flush.  The egg yolk liver flush.  Pepito’s wife prepared 3 native fertilized chicken egg yolks with 2 freshly squeezed lemons with 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil.  Drink at 4pm.  Coffee enema by 6pm.

Wow, Pepito felt like dying.  The torrent of poisons from his liver came crashing down his stomach.  The poisons felt by the stomach into his intestines.  Seems the coffee enema wasn’t enough, he had to puke out as well.  He puked out the liver flush food he drank.  But the enema results showed 20+ black stones.

The following day Pepito felt absolutely weak and exhausted.  They massaged him with VCO and made him taste raw honey.  He was absolutely not hungry.  They tried giving him some salt with his water.  That made him hungry.  He asked for a slice of papaya, that made his tummy painful.  Need to break in that tummy.

Water cure recipe for Pepito tomorrow.  2.14 liters of water + 1/2 teaspoon of rock salt spread out in 6 drinks.  Hope he gets some appetite tomorrow.  He has raw beef bone marrow, raw honey, raw cayenne peppers, raw beef liver, raw goat liver, bieler’s broth, and some fruits as choices tomorrow.

Currently Pepito is in sleeping mode.  He likes to sleep and sleep and sleep.  There is no more pain in his abdomen.  Finally.  But he came out weak and exhausted from lack of nutrition.  At least he is still drinking and peeing.  He drank 2 whole coconut water juices today.  Hopefully he gets hungry and begins eating tomorrow.  Hopefully the salt will activate his hunger.  In the meantime he has to live on Intra Venous fluids for his nutrition until his stomach comes back online.

So, you liver flushers think lowly of the egg yolk liver flush huh?  This proves egg yolk liver flushing works.  Treat it with respect.  Use egg yolk liver flushing with enemas wisely.


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