Our boy is conquering primary complex with rest and nutrition

Our boy who is turning 8 years old in June seems to finally be getting well of his diagnosed primary complex.  We never really did those sputum tests. 2 doctors on separate accounts suggested it was primary complex, Dr. Divina Hey the anthroposophic and Dr. Dy Liacco the head of the PICAM, the symptoms were his size, his constant mucus, coughs, he wasn’t thriving, lips were darkening, he is being overtaken in strength by his 2 1/2 year younger brother.  And this son of ours is the only unlucky one to be vaccinated with every prescribed vaccine until 2 years of age, including the anti-TB vaccine, which obviously does not work.  We are so happy after months of trying, we can see chubbier cheeks,  red lips, strong play, heftier chest.  All this in a short 3 weeks.

The key really was nutrition. Mr. Vander was correct, nutrition must come first before any manipulation.  These are the ones that me and my wife agree seems to have helped our boy:

  • Rest, it is summer break
  • Rest, we try to hammer a sleeping time of 8pm every evening, even during vacation
  • The 4 day egg yolk liver flushing with 1 egg yolk + calamansi + butter and then herbal colon cleanse with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea.
  • Daily raw egg – whether duck or chicken egg
  • Stop drinking coconut juice in the morning – as Dr. Dy Liacco suggested, it is dehydrating him instead of hydrating him
  • Fresh raw cow’s milk we got from Vander Gaditano’s farm.  We got 10 liters.  I appeared to be lactose intolerant and could not digest the milk, had farted terrible smelly farts due to it.  But my boy had no farting problems with it.  Good for him.  Raw milk was Hippocrates’ cure for TB.
  • Ka Rey Herrera’s Herbal, we got from www.reyherbal.com, I use cancer doses on him – 4 times a day.  Rey Herbal is just potent super food mixed in a synergistic manner.  I drink same doses my boy does.
  • Of course our steady supply of organic food and sometimes raw meals he gets from me like raw oysters, raw beef, raw fish, tastes of raw liver.

The anthroposophic phosphorus didn’t work on him, the super food made by Dr. Schulze he doesn’t like but his siblings do, the new zapper we invested in he doesn’t like because it makes him itchy.  I tried the zapper myself and it does make you itchy.

We just noticed today that he did not have any mucus, no coughs.  After so many months of suffering.  Ah progress.

And he was rebellous this evening, wanted us parents to turn on the airconditioner when it just rained and blew fresh air this evening.  That rebellous thing was what the healer Vander was talking about, now I understand, my boy is getting stronger.  I hope he continues to grow stronger.  Need to buy a new batch of raw milk.

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