Pepito with liver cancer now home, pain is gone, sleeps very long

Pepito stayed with Mr. Vander Gaditano for a few days.  It was good education and well worth the money they paid.  Although he went home with his stomach still in pain, I coach them enough over the phone and the husband and wife team are doing really well these past 3 days.

We found a formula diet that works well for Pepito and we would like to keep it this way, monotonously for the next week so he can go on daily without pain and sleep very long deserved sleeps…. something like 15 hours a day.

Ka Rey Herbal from 4 times a day using the various 10, 20, 30, 55% bottles. Is a synergistic mix of fruits, vegetables and herbs which takes the pain and guesswork out of juicing.

Orange juice feasting… 1 orange in 1 glass of water every hour for 8 times a day.  Problem is he sleeps so long, he doesn’t get enough.

Organic raw egg yolks… 8 or more times a day.  Plus more because he eats white rice… his body is craving carbs too.

He craved meat and since Pepito is still shy about eating raw beef, he decided on raw tuna with some calamansi.  Raw tuna is always fresh in our area and raw tuna will deliver the omega 3 fats he needs to calm down inflammations.

During times he gets body aches, probably acids in the lymph, not enough exercise, he puts on Quantum Mineral Drops to vaporize / neutralize the acids… then follows on with a massage of virgin coconut oil to provide fats.

So as not to weaken Pepito with too much manipulation, they have stopped coffee enemas and switched to warm water enemas, one in the morning and one in the evening.

They finally got a rocking chair, since Pepito is still weak, his lymph can get some action this way.

Tomorrow I’ll teach them how to do the Sitz Bath so he can get more efficient lymph action.  Once a day is enough.  Will also bring duck egg samples so they can taste how much more delicious duck eggs are.  And some raw beef so Pepito can see and eat with a real live human being that it’s okay to eat raw beef.  I’ll bet the raw beef will complement the raw tuna he’s currently eating.

Pepito is also encouraged to eat 1 tablespoon of raw honey before a water enema and 1 tablespoon of raw honey after a water enema.

They got excited last night and tried a banana… which gave him pain… he he he, banana was not on his list of approved foods. Tsk tsk.  My guess is he has intestinal inflammation that is causing him pain.  Raw fatty animal foods would be the most soothing in this case… not plant foods.

I’m on the way to Candelaria Quezon to see Vander’s farm and get some supply of raw milk for my boy, so it’s no big hassle.

I hope this is a relaxing stage for Mr. Pepito and his wife.  Maybe 3 months of recovery like this and he will be a new man.  No forced detox manipulations.  Let the body heal at its own pace.


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