Raw beef brains, how to prepare?

My cousin brought in a big beef brain this morning, with some bone skull. Maybe the bony part we’ll make some soup with it. I know the brain he has a recipe with some organic vinegar, onions, cayenne for “kinilaw”. That should be awesome for lunch. We have a busy day today. What’s your brain recipe?

We had raw beef brains this lunch:

My cousin’s recipe:

Some calamansi (equivalent to your lemon)
Some onions
Some fresh cayenne
Some fresh ginger

Let it sit for 15 minutes together.


Absolutely heaven.
It was awesome.
My eldest boy, hardest to please, loved it.

Gave money to my cousin so he can buy another brain this Sunday.

The first time I tried brain we steamed it a little.
Hope you guys get your taste of brain!
You will have to fight for it at the slaughterhouse and really early in the wet market.

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