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Breast cancer? Benign cyst? Who cares? It’s shrinking.

A loved one I’m coaching how to get rid of her breast tumor / cyst or whatever it is reports it is markedly shrinking. Good thing she didn’t do any mammography or biopsies, those tests do the most harm. We are doing the best cancer treatment we know and it makes no difference if it is malignant or benign.

So far she’s done a 10 day herbal colon cleanse program using Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and some kidney cleansing with avocado leaves tea. She beginning to do some egg yolk liver flushes.

The significant pollution avoidance she has done is to stop wearing bras and to stop using deodorants / anti-perspirants. We are humans, we are meant to perspire. Sure it stinks, but would you rather keep the stink inside and suffer the consequences of a tumor? Calamansi will have to do as deodorant for now.

She’s not yet into raw land animals, but she can do raw eggs and raw fish.

She’s read Dr. Kenneth Sutter’s The Natural Health Paradigm so we have a pretty good mindset and framework.

So far so good, this is going to be a walk in the park.