I sprained my left foot. Healed in 1 day.

Last Friday morning I was rushing to catch the garbage truck as it missed some of our trash bags, my left food landed in a patch of grass that had a hole in it… darn… sprained my foot, missed the truck. Asked the maid to fill in the hole.

Ah, no worries, this paleo diet I’m on with raw meat in it should help immensely. I borrowed my wife’s automatic car to the saturday market in salcedo makati and did our weekly organic grocery stuff. Then on the way back in Cubao Farmers Market got some oysters and female crabs which we had for lunch – raw of course.

After lunch I had the opportunity to get a bucket, put water in it and put a tray of ice in it. Dunked my left foot for 15 minutes. That should do.

Sleep will do the sprain good so I slept in the afternoon. Had Henry Bieler’s soup, Zucchini plus parsley plus string beans… I found it delicious… the organic varieties are not bitter… am experimenting with the Bieler’s soup again for my wife, my sister in law and my kids. Darn, the kids don’t like the soup. I told them that Dr. Henry Bieler thinks his green soup or raw meat will be nutritious for the liver to give it a lot of organic sodium… all 3 kids turned down the green soup after tasting it and said they would rather have raw meat, which they are used to.

Slept really early and long that evening. Woke up found I was walking normally. Not pushing my luck, walk normally, not run with it or jump with it.

So much better healing this time than my right arm sprain more than a year ago. This time I knew better than to tinker around with the sprain. Just dunking in iced water is enough. This time I was eating a lot of raw meat… in the previous arm sprain I had just finished experimenting with a fruitarian diet. This time I had the nutritional stores to heal faster.

Ah experience. This shows we need to keep our garden safe.


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