Philippine Department of Health assumes any Flu is Swine Flu, tests are too expensive

I was reading the swine flu reports in the Philippine Star yesterday and it was interesting to find out that the Philippine Department of Health says an official swine flu test costs 4,000 pesos per test, talk about imperialist extortion. So the smart people at the department of health today assume that if a Filipino has flu symptoms, then he may consider himself to have swine flu. So every flu today is swine flu. It’s convenient!

What is smart about the department of health is they do not have the money, nor are they willing to spend the money to perform an idiotic swine flu test on every person who wants a test to be done.

What is smart about the department of health is they keep repeating that there are far more dangerous diseases out there like dengue fever and tuberculosis. Their word is sobriety… don’t panic, it’s just flu.

Officially, the department of health officials cannot directly challenge the official imperialist propaganda on the swine flu. Remember that the imperialist objective is to scare and shame government officials into purchasing their still in the making and UNTESTED swine flu vaccines before the end of this year 2009.

So let me spell it out for the Philippine Department of Health what Philippine officials really think of the swine flu propaganda…. it’s all BULLSH……. you imperialist – multinational – swines…

We’ve seen this before in 1976 swine flu hysteria, the vaccines were ordered and paid for, they administered the vaccines to a public that was fear driven, many people died from the swine flu vaccine itself… the US president had to order a STOP to the swine flu vaccination program… The vaccines were already paid for… no refunds… commissions may have already made their rounds.