Tried Cooked pork lechon and I felt terrible afterwards

I was out last night after a client meeting. It was late at night I passed by the Paranaque fish port to get some fish. Then passed by the Baclaran Sea Side market to see what was there. Then I saw a lechon restaurant with a lot of good pieces left. I thought that I had not tasted lechon pork for a long time, I wondered what it would be like to eat some cooked meat again… tried it and I didn’t like it.

So I got 1/4 kilo of the cooked pork lechon. Very fatty and with skin and with the liver sauce. I did not feel right outright afterwards. In the morning, my stomach was still messed up. My poop suddenly turned diarrhea like… my innards were grumbling. Oh my. I had truly adjusted to a raw paleo eating for a good time, my body did not like that cooked meat at all. I didn’t find any satisfaction in eating it, it was just a curiosity experiment.

So lately I do not like eating cooked meat at all. It’s like a sacrifice for me to eat cooked meat. I mean, my body is looking for, craving for health. Give me raw blood and I’ll drink it. Give me, give me raw meat, please. But cooked meat? I’ll pass.

This evening we are having raw tuna for dinner. Bought the kids some nori sea weed so they find rolling their own sushi fun. I also got the kids some fresh durian for snacks, oh, they will be so happy today.


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