PR Campaign: Philippine Newspapers, TV and Radio are going nuts over H1N1 Swine Flu

It’s a full blown marketing campaign. It looks like it is very effective. The PR campaign of the drug companies to force the hand of the Philippine government to “invest” in their unproven – experimental – which means potentially DEADLY flu drugs / vaccines. Sure, the commissions and kickbacks will be passed on, but do our Philippine government officials actually have the thick skin to accept commissions while at the same time know the real dangers of potentially harming / killing Filipinos with experimental drugs?

Just take a step back if you were a SANE and LOGICAL public servant. A global organization and the Philippine media hypes up some insignificant flu like symptoms… which on any given day affects a good number of Filipinos out of 86+ million… then gives it a name… H1N1 Swine Flu. They drop the word SWINE because the charlatans have been exposed in a 1976 youtube video of a Swine Flu hysteria TV Ads that “they” have tried this SCAM before in 1976. Back in 1976, the USA government was scammed into investing in these swine flu vaccines and promptly called for a nationwide vaccination campaign. A good enough number of people died as a result of the experimental vaccination drugs given them. The US President had to order a STOP to the swine flu vaccination program, which obviously DID NOT WORK… and killed many people at the same time.

Just take a step back if you were a SANE and LOGICAL public servant. Of course Philippine public servants would want to make a couple of bucks themselves… but at the expense of harming the very people they swore to protect? To DEATH of the innocent who actually TRUST the government?

The Philippine Department of Health officials are giving all the signals and press releases that H1N1 swine flu is an insignificant NOTHING. There are far more important health concerns plaguing Filipinos like Dengue Fever and Tuberculosis. That 4,000 pesos cost to test each and every person if his strain of “virus” is H1N1 is beyond ridiculous and the government does not have the funds to spend for such an expensive test. That all flu these days may be branded swine flu H1N1 by the mere experience of certain symptoms. It’s all bull and thankfully our department of health officials are conscientious and caring of the Filipino people they are not going to allow the foreign corporations to impose their marketed future poisons.

The big cash cow the corporations want when this whole swine flu brouhaha is done is that they get their vaccine added to the numerous list of recommended childhood vaccinations. That is the continuous big cash cow there. It seems Philippine officials are smart and can see through the ruse.

An Indonesian high ranking government official pointed out her factual distrust of foreign powers. Who knows what’s in those patented drugs? Who knows what you are truly injecting in their brothers and sisters? Do you actually trust the imperialist corporations? No the Indonesians do not and they will do their own home grown thing.

The same mature attitude is being shown by Philippine government officials. Not as confrontational… you don’t want the imperialists kicking our brown butts… you know they worship profits more than Filipino lives. I love our Philippine government officials so far. They are doing their best protecting Filipinos from the greedy foreign imperialists.

Any flu like symptoms can be interpreted as swine flu h1n1. Flu like symptoms are a mere sign of toxemia. If you eat cooked food day and night plus stimulants like coffee, sugar and non human foods like all the grains, beans and junk food, then you should get sick. The cure for flu like symptoms is rest, stop eating when not hungry, make sure you poop: enema / colon cleanser, drink diluted fruit juice like plain calamansi juice all day. Once your body has detoxified itself, you will be fine.

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