Faith Healing plus Physical Healing may just be a winner for a man with large worm infested boils

It is Saturday and this day is bible study day for my in laws as their troop of faith healers and bible study teachers come for a day long visit. Their teachings are interrupted first thing in the morning with the driver bringing in a neighbor who is sick, infested with a large boil on his back which looks like a hump. Let’s call him Mr. X.

From the faith healer’s point of view, this man was doing his painting job when his scaffolding collapsed and his paint spilled over to some “laman lupa” / dwarves? He asked forgiveness but was cursed anyway by the dwarves, this is why he is sick. So the troop of faith healers did their thing for many hours. I saw them stick a match stick on a finger that gave Mr. X some grimacing pain. Then I saw the faith healers get a needle and thread, do some scraping and puncturing. The difference in the look on Mr. X’s eyes is from a glazed hopeless look to a perked up hopeful happy and alert look. If some of you are dismissive of placebo effects, you are missing a great deal. You may not believe in faith healers, but obviously Mr. X does and this session with the faith healers has indeed given him a positive mindset… which is important for healing to happen.

On the physical side, these people are dirt poor. He’s a painter and a welder, no work no pay, now that he is sick, they are in deep trouble. I inquired and found out that on his right leg surfaced 4 worms they called “uod”. And on his scalp used to be well infested by “kuto” / fleas. They have seen MDs and hospitals who only gave a round of antibiotics and when nothing happened they just scratched their heads. One MD said his blood was dirty but he did not know what to do. He’s had scars of boils on his front left chest and the enormous boil is on his back on the right side. Big boil is the diameter of a DVD and maybe raised 2 inches dome.

The tragedy with the hospital and the MDs is Mr. X followed bad advice which is making him even sicker. He was told to stop eating rice and instead eat the following diet:

  • imported packaged oats,
  • pasteurized milk in cans,
  • bread (pandesal, white bread),
  • crackers,
  • biscuits.

My gosh… that MD wanted to kill this man with that kind of recommendation.  And Mr. X gave the testimonial that indeed on that diet there are times when he is constipated and unable to poop for 3 days.

I got to talk to the husband and wife team and with a trusty laptop showed them the physical side of Mr. X’s problem. He had dirty blood, the root cause as seen with his multiple boils. The worms are just scavengers feasting on rotting material. The method to clean Mr. X’s blood is to merely put him on a raw paleo diet with local fruits, local vegetables that are known blood cleaners like blendering ampalaya / bitter melon and juicing kamote tops, and having him eat raw native eggs and raw “kinilaw” ocean fish in real vinegar… not those chemical vinegars. They knew what real food was, these people grew up in the province of Masbate.

I then proceeded to teach them some detox protocols which they can do by themselves and be of the cheapest possible cost. 1/2 bottle of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for 775 pesos for colon cleansing, Avocado leaves tea for kidney cleansing — which they were familiar anyway because their daughter does it for herself, and egg yolk liver flushing for 4 straight days but preceded by 1 liter of apple juice per day for 5 days. Sounds like a good plan. In 2 weeks he will have finished a good first round.

After my private talk with them they attended a lengthy bible study, then proceeded home. I encouraged Mr. X that if my plumber could cure himself from liver cancer, he can cure himself as well.