Dengue fever a more serious threat than A(H1N1) – Department of Education

Daily Tribune Newspaper Page 6 (24 June 2009) “While media have been concentrating much on the Influenza A(H1N1), the Department of Education (DepEd) yesterday reminded school administrators to work closely with the Parents-Teachers Associations (PTAs), Local Government Units (LGUs) and Municipal Health Offices to protect the schools and communities from the threats of dengue fever which they consider as a more serious threat.”

I knew we could depend on some government officials.  Just like we depend on the Department of Health to keep cool and not be influenced by a panicking media, the Department of Education is not about to be panicked as well.

The media people are influenced by news feeds from imperialist countries, PR agencies and news briefings sponsored by imperialist multinational drug companies.

You see, there are smart and altruistic people amongst us.  Thankfully, the leadership at the department of health and the department of education are not to be swayed by corporate propaganda seeking to institutionalize a new set of h1n1 future vaccines.

The long term game plan of the drug companies is to legislate, lobby for a new blockbuster h1n1 vaccine to be added to their enormous list of childhood vaccinations… all do not work… all are harmful… their statistics, their quack “science” is all baloney… follow the MONEY.  This is why I do not vaccinate my children.

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