My next diet experiment will be a mono raw beef diet

I’ve been hanging out with the accomplished healthy people in the Raw Paleo Forum and some of them are on a pure raw meat diet, primarily raw beef. One elder practitioner is Lex Rooker and the diet that works best for him is a mono diet of raw beef and water.

Lex theorizes that humans may have descended from a top carnivore and being able to consume plant and fruits are just survival adaptations. It makes sense given my experience today, that people really like animal foods… people love animal food… people crave animal food… but how much do they crave it really?

There are zero carb forums that promote eating just animal food, some of it cooked and lightly cooked. I’m not getting into the cooked animal food scenario, I’ve proven that was not good for myself last year.

I’m going with the top, the best meat in my arsenal, raw beef from Farmers Market in Cubao Quezon City. I can get freshly killed beef every other day for best results. I’ll get the best muscle parts, raw liver and raw bone marrow… only the best. I foresee a 1 to 2 week experiment on this.

My only hang-up is structured water. I am absolutely convinced that faucet water, distilled water and reverse osmosis water from water stores and bottle waters are absolutely no good. Water must be alive and structured well like freshly melted snow or a sparkling fresh mountain spring water. Since I have no access to these waters, I will just squeeze some 3 or 4 calamansi in chilled reverse osmosis store bought water… maybe it will give it some structure.

I’m all psyched up for this experiment and this will probably begin in less than a week. Wish me luck. I will report the results of my experiment and post a journal of sorts.

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