Here come the Mandatory Swine Flu H1N1 Vaccinations: Hide your Children

This is it! The press association says the UK plans to vaccinate all 50 million of its citizens: “Health chiefs are preparing to vaccinate the entire population against swine flu. In what would be the biggest vaccination programme of the last 50 years, experts are already drawing up a priority list of patients to be given immunity before the bug becomes more virulent. It comes after the first British patient without underlying health problems died from the disease, taking the number of swine flu-linked deaths in the UK to 15.” and “Reuters and WHO Say: Call for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine Likely to Come This Week”

The big doom is coming. And the big doom is in the form of a supposedly H1N1 vaccine which may instead injure or even kill you. It’s time to be on red alert. If your school is going to force vaccinate your childern, you must know, you must protest as a concerned parent. If your school or government wants to vaccinate all of you like dogs without choice, it’s time to hide your children.

If you think you are a responsible parent by letting strangers inject your child with an experimental drug, that’s your problem. Just leave my kids alone.

In the meantime, my advice to parents is to LIE and LIE and LIE that your children have already been vaccinated. Teach your children to LIE. Make a mock vaccination visit to a mock doctor in a white gown and get a syringe for small children to “think” they’ve been injected so they can lie. If you have nannies, teach them to lie as well.

Remember that the zombie masses and the health official employees are mostly zombies who just follow orders blindly. The trick is to probably blend in and say you’ve been vaccinated. If you resist they may hunt you down and lay siege to your home. Probably spray paint your gate with an X to show you refused vaccination. It will be hysteria all over again.

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