Learning from Cory Aquino’s Colon Cancer experience

I am a Cory Fan, you are a Cory fan. I spammed a lot of emails last year volunteering my help to cure Cory’s colon cancer but of course who would listen to a mere family healer right? Here are my Cory Aquino – Colon Cancer posts. Anyway, I bid Cory farewell with all respects. But beyond the grieving we must not forget to learn from the mistakes of this cancer treatment.

I am not too privy with the minute details of Cory’s treatments but I can piece together what I read in their few press releases.

First, the colon cancer surgery. Well, if the toxins in her body did collect in a mass that is easily removed, that may have been a good idea.

Second, the chemotherapy I totally disagree with, chemotherapy merely weakens and destroys a person immune system. Chemotherapy use shows a lack of understanding of the true cause and nature of cancer. That cancer cells are not the enemy, that cancer is a body’s self defense at work. People who recommend chemotherapy have misunderstood human biology.

Third, Fourth and Fifth is non addressing of what Dr. Henry Bieler describes as the 3 lines of the body’s self defense:

Tita Cory may have received good advice in surgery, but none in dietetics. Plus obviously there was no emotional closure with the murder of her husband Ninoy Aquino. If at the earliest times Tita Cory received good dietetic advice, she would have lived longer and stronger well into her 90s to guide the Filipino nation. If at the earliest times Tita Cory received good dietetic advice, she would not have needed surgery of her colon in the first place. The press quoted Cory’s foods: chicken sandwich, spaghetti and meatballs, liver pate… oh my… sure recipes for disaster.

Good dietetic advice is a simple return to the original human diet, a raw paleolithic diet. Raw meat, raw fruits and some raw vegetables.

At the first sign of colon problems, constipation, the first aid that will surely help is Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, one of the most effective herbal colon cleanses in the Philippines invented by a Filipino, Dr. Tam Mateo.


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